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Soccer Newsday was created to give the fans of these two nations a destination to read original articles about domestic soccer and also a vast gateway to find soccer news and articles from all over the web.

No one can realistically visit hundreds of websites in a day to find all the best soccer news, stories, writers and sites out there, so we’ve done it for you. Now Yank and Canuck soccer fans alike can just visit SoccerNewsday.com throughout the day and quickly catch-up on all their favorite club, national and world soccer news.

Additionally, we hope the website encourages more connections and exchanges between the two North American footballing nations and their growing fanbases. We share so much history and culture - it’s obvious our soccer futures are intertwined and that we have more in common with each other than we do with Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia.

Though SoccerNewsday.com is primarily focused on the American and Canadian soccer nations, we strive to keep our North American fans connected to the greater sport; it is the world’s game afterall! So SN will also cover the entire spectrum of World soccer news found on the web. It’s thorough, so you won’t miss a beat. You’ll be more than caught up with the top UK, European, Australian and international football (soccer to most of us) news.

We have some good US and Canadian soccer writers on-staff, writing about MLS, NASL, USL, NPSL, the Women’s game, US Open Cup, Canadian Championship, CONCACAF Champions League, the USA & Canadian National Teams, the FIFA World Cup, the game in Europe and the global game and how it relates to us in North America. Over time we’ll add even more talented columnists to Soccer Newsday who write about the game you love in the nation you love on a website we hope you at least have a crush on.

Another goal of this site, is that by making your soccer news reading more efficient by searching less and reading more, we hope that you’ll be able to do more visits and give more support to all the great pro writers, amateur bloggers and neat soccer sites out there. By doing this, our soccer media can hopefully make a better living out of writing and reporting on the sport they love to share with us during this transitional period for media. Please support them by reading their work, clicking the sponsor ads on their sites, following them on Twitter and buying their books. By helping our soccer media, we make our game more visible, informed, entertaining and everlasting.

SN is here to inform about the game, grow the game, share the game and give another forum to discuss the game. We strive for it to bring you the best soccer websites, writers, blogs and podcasts you know and love already – combined with a bunch of new ones you find thru Soccer Newsday in the future.

If you want to contribute ideas, suggestions, original articles, news links or otherwise – please do. Most importantly though – just enjoy this website because it wasn’t made for profit, it was made for you, the trailblazing North American fans who are building the soccer nations in the USA and Canada, chant by chant, scarf by scarf, game by game, brick by brick … together.