Waived Iapichino Opens Space for Young Canucks

Waiving Dennis Iapichino shows that Montreal is ready to cultivate the assets that it holds in homegrown players
by Henrik Lonne   |   Thursday, August 15, 2013

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While Dennis Iapichino is no longer on the roster for the Montreal Impact, his departure is sure to make an impact on the playing time of the team’s homegrown players.

Fan favourite Jeb Brovsky has had a strong hold on the left, leaving Iapichino on the bench with his only playing time since mid-June was at rightback against D.C. United on Aug. 3.

Sporting Director Nick De Santis told MLSsoccer.com that the reason for the Impact to waive the Swiss-Italian leftback was to give the back-up minutes younger, local players, rather than in import like Iapichino.

The timing for this couldn’t come at better time for Montreal’s homegrown players, as there will be a tight schedule with the Impact facing games in the CONCACAF Champions League, as well as a fight to stay at the top of the Eastern Conference. Especially Maxim Tissot, the 21-year-old leftback, should look to be the go-to guy when Brovsky needs a break.

There may have been other reasons for Montreal to waive Iapichino, but the fact that De Santis and the Impact chose to justify the move by pointing to player development will make it harder for them to bring a foreign, veteran defender. That is, unless Tissot, Ouimette and the other defensive-minded youngsters not only fail to make an impression, but also fall through and ruin the season for the team.

Words matter and if Montreal’s homegrown players fail to see and increase in playing time Impact fans, especially those that also support the Canadian Men’s National Team, will have ammunition to criticize the Impact management.

But before getting there, let’s applaud the Impact staff for trusting its talents enough to allow them to be the frontline reserves rather than imports. The Quebecois are a proud bunch and surely they cannot wait to see more local youngster don the jersey of their local MLS side.

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