The Toronto FC Oscars

Sonja Missio’s Inaugural Toronto FC Academy Awards! Where, ironically, nothing is awarded to the Toronto FC Academy
by Sonja Missio   |   Monday, February 25, 2013

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Since the Academy Awards were last night, I have decided to come up with my own awards for Toronto FC.

I do realize that the 2013 season starts next week, and, therefore, a season preview would probably be more beneficial to you. But this may be the only chance I get all year to write about awards Toronto FC has won, so I am going to take the opportunity.

Besides, I am sure there will be more than enough time to write about doom and gloom later; who needs to focus on a season preview full of that anyway? If this is my last post before the season starts, let’s make it a positive one!

Life Time Achievement Award: The Concession Stand

When discussing this article with an internationally-renowned journalist and author, his only comment was, “you have to somehow work in the pulled pork sandwich.”

And I agree, the one thing that does not disappoint at BMO Field is their barbeque.

Best Supporting Actor: Terry Dunfield

I have gone on about Dunfield ad nauseam. However, the Toronto FC’s substitute captain continues to impress for the club.

The thing I am looking most forward to for the 2013 season is to see how Dunfield’s role on the team changes and how he will become a more pivotal force for Toronto.  

Best Costume Design: The Supporter Kit

The introduction of the new “supporters kit” was a welcome addition to a line of generic Adidas kits Toronto fans have been used to wearing. The all white kit with red sleeves, detailing and Toronto FC crest, brought out the fashionista side of the club.

I own two. They’re fabulous.

Best Visual Effects: The Toronto FC Three

In June 2012, Miguel Aceval, Nick Soolsma and Luis Silva were all arrested during an away game road trip in Texas and charged with public intoxication. Toronto media had a field day over the story, especially when the Toronto FC Three’s mug shots were released.

Aceval and Sooslma were eventually let go by Toronto, but the event remains as just another bizarre and ludicrous moment to add to the disappointing 2012 season.

Best Original Score: Bohemian Rhapsody, The South End

For your viewing pleasure, please click here.

Credit to @kzknowles for capturing the piece on film and @ignirtoq & @philbot101 for bringing Queen to BMO Field.

Best Female Actress: Rachel Bonnetta

Rachel Bonnetta won Toronto FC’s Dream Job competition to become the club’s Brand Ambassador earlier this year. Despite controversy surrounding the social media popularity contest, Bonnetta managed to not only come out victorious, but proved to be extremely good at the job as well. 

Bonnetta has been a smart addition both online and on television for TFC. In fact, some would argue she has been one of their best signings of 2012. 

Best Male Actor: Danny Koevermans

Danny Koevermans, the Dutch striker and one of Toronto’s designated players, was inarguably TFC’s best player this season – despite missing half of it due to a torn ACL in his knee.

Though he made an early exit in July, he was Toronto FC’s chief goal scorer of 2012. Both the club – and the fans – eagerly await his return.

Best Director: The South End

Despite if you agree with them or not, the South End Supporters (U-Sector, Red Patch Boys or a neutral like myself), had a lot of input with the team this year.

Whether having their voices heard during Townhall Meetings, capturing the media’s attention with paper bag protests or being the heart of the team, the men and women who stand behind the south goal continue to lead the club’s best interests.

Best Picture: The Win Against Los Angeles

On March 14, 2012, Toronto FC beat the LA Galaxy, in Los Angeles, to advance to the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals.

Have drawn 2-2 in the first leg of the competition – a game, by the way, that sold out Toronto’s Skydome – TFC arrived in Los Angeles with little hope of advancing. However, a goal by Nick Soolsma made Toronto victorious, winning 2 – 1 over the home team.

It was – and remains – the biggest victory in Toronto’s history, despite the team losing terribly in the semifinals to Mexico’s Santos Laguna.

In Memoriam: Carlsberg Beer

For the 2013 season, Toronto FC has decided to go with Budweiser as the stadium’s official beer.

RIP Carlsberg (2007 - 2012).


And there you have it, the winners of Sonja Missio’s First Annual Toronto FC Academy Awards. Check out my article next week on Toronto FC’s best and worst dress of the season! I am totally kidding. Maybe.


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