Creative Ads Could Give CMNT Gold Cup Support

While the Canadian Men’s National Team’s on-field product is still in doubt, off the field it can still be successful for Canadian fans
by Henrik Lonne   |   Thursday, March 14, 2013

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As has been shown at, the cities where Canada will play its group games at the 2013 Gold Cup this summer are easily available for Canadians. Seattle is close to Canada, and Denver and Los Angeles have direct flights from many major Canadian cities. On top of this, Los Angeles has the 4th largest population of Canadian citizens, beating cities such as Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

With a good advertising campaign and a little help from sponsors and supporters groups, the Canadian Soccer Association could attract a noticeable amount of home fans into the stands at the Gold Cup, giving the Canadian squad, which is likely to be inexperienced, a welcome boost.

With either the help of existing sponsors or a new partnership with an airline, one might suggest Air Canada; the CSA should promote special plane tickets with extra benefits, especially Denver and Los Angeles, in order to attract Canadians to go to these cities to support the team.

The CSA should, however, also make an attempt at an advertising campaign IN Los Angeles, encouraging L.A.-based Canadians to support their home country. This would be unique and could become a story in and of itself, creating an extra buzz around the men’s team.

But most importantly, there has to be a huge effort to get Canadian fans to the Mexico game in Seattle. Canada fans in British Columbia and the rest of western Canada have complained that Canada only plays in Toronto. And with the team playing a meaningful game so close, there is no excuse not having a noticeable amount Canada fans in the stands in Seattle.

Due to the anger from some western Canadian fans towards the CSA over the placement of Canada games, the CSA should help supporters groups organize transportation and distribution tickets. This would be a gesture that would show the fans that their concerns are understood.

It would be a great statement of ambition towards the future if the CSA would spearhead a campaign to have a strong Canadian presence in the stands. I see it as a must that the amount of Canadians in Seattle is in the thousands in order for the team to garner some success.

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