Miller Once Again Interim Manager

Former interim manager will reprise role against Costa Rica
by Henrik Lonne   |   Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Canada is still without a permanent manager of its men’s national team, and will continue to be even in the upcoming friendly against Costa Rica in Edmonton.

Instead Colin Miller - this time quite close to home, as he usually coaches NASL side FC Edmonton – will once again steer Canada through a friendly game.

While some Canada fans are growing impatient and are questioning why a big-name manager wasn’t hired after Stephen Hart resigned, they should consider that while the Canadian Soccer Association is doing very well financially compared to previously, it can’t just go out and sign any coach it wants.

At the same time, there are 3 years until the next World Cup qualification cycle, meaning that if the goal of the program is to get to the World Cup, there isn’t exactly an urgent need to settle on the man (or woman) to do so.

Remember, we are talking about the 2018 World Cup. Should Canada qualify, there will likely be players that few of us have ever even heard of being on the roster.

By waiting, Canada can get a better manager, which will be better for the program in the long run. For me “better” doesn’t necessarily mean European. I’d very much like to see someone that knows and respects CONCACAF be given the position, but also someone who isn’t a CSA insider.

It can be difficult to preview a game. None of the teams have released a roster yet. But given that it is not an official FIFA date, teams will not be full-strength. Fans of the Canadian side should, however, hope that Tony Fonseca, Canada’s technical director, will bring in players that are looking for new clubs, such as Simeon Jackson and Marcus Haber. If they can get a decent showing against Costa Rica, it could hopefully help them with finding a new employer.

Just like games in the winter, this game is about exposing players to the program and the team, as well slowly improving overall. The game will be the 5th contest of the year for Canada.

And of those 5, Canada should allow the technical staff to pick a squad that can not only have an impact in the match, but also give valuable international experience to the young players, which will eventually be relied on in eventual World Cup qualification.

NEXT UP: May 28 – Canada vs. Costa Rica, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 6 p.m. EST, TBD.

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