<![CDATA[Henrik Lonne SoccerNewsday.com Article Feed]]>http://www.soccernewsday.com/Thu, 19 Jul 2018 18:06:09 +0000Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:14:55 +000060Words From Blatter Support Canadian World Cup Dreamhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1923/words-from-blatter-support-canadian-world-cup-dreamBefore the opening of the U-20 Women’s World Cup, Sepp Blatter supports the idea of a Canada hosting the men’s World CupFri, 08 Aug 2014 06:28:18 +0000Why De Santis’ Release From Montreal is Bittersweethttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1915/why-de-santis-release-from-montreal-is-bittersweetNick De Santis has been a key figure for the Impact in all its years, but results spoke louder than feelingsThu, 31 Jul 2014 06:13:21 +0000Why the Ottawa Fury Need to Look at Canadian Attendance History http://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1906/why-the-ottawa-fury-need-to-look-at-canadian-attendance-history-The Ottawa Fury joins a modern tradition of strong support for professional soccer in Canada Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:37:25 +0000How the CFL, NASL Rumored Venture Could Help Canadahttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1900/how-the-cfl-nasl-rumored-venture-could-help-canadaMLS and NASL competing to the biggest player in Canadian soccerFri, 18 Jul 2014 07:37:39 +0000How the Vancouver Whitecaps Are Building Canadian Soccerhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1891/how-the-vancouver-whitecaps-are-building-canadian-soccerPutting a reserve team in the USL PRO will benefit both the Whitecaps and Canadian soccerThu, 10 Jul 2014 07:37:07 +0000Stronger Canadian Flavour in NASL For 2014http://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1757/stronger-canadian-flavour-in-nasl-for-2014The 2014 North American Soccer League has finally come around and Canada looks to be a large part of itThu, 03 Apr 2014 08:13:39 +0000How Do the Canadian Teams Stack Up in MLS?http://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1687/how-do-the-canadian-teams-stack-up-in-mls-All 3 Canadian MLS teams face an interesting season, with Canadians potentially playing key rolesThu, 06 Mar 2014 07:36:03 +0000Canadian MLS Teams Must Follow in Galaxy's Footstepshttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1618/canadian-mls-teams-must-follow-in-galaxy-s-footstepsRunning their own reserve teams in the USL PRO would benefit Canadian MLS teams and Canadian soccerThu, 06 Feb 2014 07:51:14 +0000Strategic Plan Shows Path to Soccer Success for Canada http://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1600/strategic-plan-shows-path-to-soccer-success-for-canada-World Cup bid overshadows bold steps forward in the CSA’s strategic plan for 2014-2018Thu, 30 Jan 2014 07:25:42 +0000Canada Can Benefit From TFC's USL PRO Affiliationhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1580/canada-can-benefit-from-tfc-s-usl-pro-affiliationPlayers with futures on the Canadian national team are likely to be seeing playing time for Toronto FC’s affiliate in 2014Thu, 23 Jan 2014 07:46:33 +0000TFC Signings a 'Bloody Big Deal' for Canadahttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1561/tfc-signings-a-bloody-big-deal-for-canadaTim Leiweke and Toronto FC sign big players to Canada’s biggest cityThu, 16 Jan 2014 07:59:52 +0000An Interesting Year Ahead For Canadian Soccerhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1535/an-interesting-year-ahead-for-canadian-soccerMultiple storylines involving Canadians set for MLS, NASL and the worldThu, 09 Jan 2014 07:39:00 +0000A Rough Year for Canadian Soccerhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1485/a-rough-year-for-canadian-soccer2013 is coming to close and now is the time to reflect on what Canada can do better next yearThu, 12 Dec 2013 07:48:32 +0000Lynx’s Failed Move to Hamilton a Blessing in Disguisehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1465/lynx-s-failed-move-to-hamilton-a-blessing-in-disguiseThe Toronto Lynx will not be moving to Hamilton and to the USL PROThu, 05 Dec 2013 07:47:19 +0000Canadian Soccer Must Look to the NASLhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1451/canadian-soccer-must-look-to-the-naslCanada's influence in the NASL may be jumping next season, which means there will be players aboundThu, 28 Nov 2013 08:51:50 +0000Ottawa Fury Signing Sends a Message to Canadian Clubshttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1431/ottawa-fury-signing-sends-a-message-to-canadian-clubsFury signing of Carl Haworth shows commitment to own players and CanadiansThu, 21 Nov 2013 08:02:11 +0000Canada Readies for Drabby Finish to 2013http://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1410/canada-readies-for-drabby-finish-to-2013In the quest for improvement Benito Floro’s side will its last two games of the year bringing the total to 13Thu, 14 Nov 2013 07:24:21 +0000Rennie's Exit Could Be Good For Canadahttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1384/rennie-s-exit-could-be-good-for-canadaWhitecaps FC president Bob Lenarduzzi commits to the club’s academy after firing Martin RennieThu, 07 Nov 2013 08:02:29 +0000Canada to Face Czech Republic, Slovenia in Novemberhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1356/canada-to-face-czech-republic-slovenia-in-novemberCanada will play its 12th and 13th game of the year in central EuropeThu, 31 Oct 2013 08:08:50 +0000Ottawa Fury: A Model Franchisehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/canada/a/1338/ottawa-fury-a-model-franchiseHow the Fury are a great example of Canada's soccer futureThu, 24 Oct 2013 08:00:18 +0000