<![CDATA[Herb Scribner SoccerNewsday.com Article Feed]]>http://www.soccernewsday.com/Mon, 24 Sep 2018 20:41:30 +0000Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:14:55 +000060USMNT Report: Americans Shine With Backs Against the Wallhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2209/usmnt-report-americans-shine-with-backs-against-the-wallIt was a must-win game, and the USA certainly won ... convincingly.Tue, 07 Jun 2016 21:15:30 +0000USMNT Report: Experimentation pays off against Puerto Ricohttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2207/usmnt-report-experimentation-pays-off-against-puerto-ricoThe United States defeated Puerto Rico, 3-1, thanks to new faces and younger playersSun, 22 May 2016 12:55:52 +0000USMNT Report: Back to Normalcy, For Nowhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2202/usmnt-report-back-to-normalcy-for-nowIn Columbus, the United States trounced Guatemala 4-0 ó a welcomed victory after a defeat last weekTue, 29 Mar 2016 23:47:32 +0000USMNT Report: Who's to Blame?http://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2201/usmnt-report-who-s-to-blame-USA fell to Guatemala, 2-0, at the Estadio Mateo Flores in Guatemala City. But who do fans blame?Sat, 26 Mar 2016 09:58:20 +0000USMNT Report: The Defense Almost Ruined Ithttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2194/usmnt-report-the-defense-almost-ruined-itThe USMNT has a strong start with a 3-2 win, but was it strong enough?Sun, 31 Jan 2016 17:17:47 +0000USMNT Report: Bad First Step On The Road To Russiahttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2158/usmnt-report-bad-first-step-on-the-road-to-russiaThe USMNT has a bad start towards the 2018 World Cup with a 3-2 loss to Mexico in the CONCACAF CupSun, 11 Oct 2015 10:39:27 +0000USMNT Report: US Has Its Worst Performance Of The Gold Cup So Farhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2126/usmnt-report-us-has-its-worst-performance-of-the-gold-cup-so-farThe United States draws Panama 1-1 in a chippy, uninteresting and lackluster affairMon, 13 Jul 2015 22:37:59 +0000USMNT Report: Why The USA's Latest Win Isn't Good Enoughhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2124/usmnt-report-why-the-usa-s-latest-win-isn-t-good-enoughThe Yanks just got a lackluster 1-0 win over Haiti, while Mexico just smashed CubaFri, 10 Jul 2015 21:43:28 +0000USMNT Report: The USA Makes It Look Easyhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2121/usmnt-report-the-usa-makes-it-look-easyThe United States breezed to victory over Guatemala ahead of the Gold CupFri, 03 Jul 2015 19:57:06 +000010 Bold Predictions For the 2015 MLS Seasonhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2062/10-bold-predictions-for-the-2015-mls-seasonThe strike is averted, and MLS will have its 2015 season. Here are 10 predictions.Fri, 06 Mar 2015 09:54:45 +0000USMNT Report: The United States Needed to Lose Against Chilehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2044/usmnt-report-the-united-states-needed-to-lose-against-chileThe United States remains winless in its last five games, a streak that hasnít happened since 2007Thu, 29 Jan 2015 05:01:23 +0000USMNT Report: The Path to Russia is Unclearhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2031/usmnt-report-the-path-to-russia-is-unclearUSMNT coach Jurgan Klinsmann announced his latest training camp roster, and it doesnít offer any clue to what the next era will be.Mon, 12 Jan 2015 06:35:53 +0000NYCFC is About Man City, Not MLShttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2024/nycfc-is-about-man-city-not-mlsNew York City FC isnít about helping MLS, but about helping grow the City Football Group brandSat, 03 Jan 2015 08:11:46 +0000Landon Donovan's Fairytale Ending Deserved More Coveragehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/2012/landon-donovan-s-fairytale-ending-deserved-more-coverageThe coverage Landon Donovan received after his MLS Cup title win shows how far soccer is from ESPN's scope of sportsTue, 09 Dec 2014 06:16:00 +0000USMNT Report: A Clear Road Emerges For USAhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1999/usmnt-report-a-clear-road-emerges-for-usaThe United States dropped its latest two matches late, showing something that manager Jurgen Klinsmann will need to work on moving forwardWed, 19 Nov 2014 06:11:20 +0000USMNT Report: The Greatest Hits Roster of 2014http://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1993/usmnt-report-the-greatest-hits-roster-of-2014USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann announces roster for the final game in 2014Tue, 11 Nov 2014 06:13:15 +0000USMNT Report: A Poor Start to the New Cyclehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1971/usmnt-report-a-poor-start-to-the-new-cycleThe United States dropped its lead late yet again, putting a negative stamp on the first two games of the new World Cup cycleWed, 15 Oct 2014 06:07:45 +0000Why Landon Donovan Deserved Morehttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1968/why-landon-donovan-deserved-moreAs Landon Donovan steps away from the United States Men's National Team, one question remains: Did he deserve more?Mon, 13 Oct 2014 06:05:08 +0000USMNT Report: Donovan Has One Last Lesson to Learnhttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1965/usmnt-report-donovan-has-one-last-lesson-to-learnLatest call-ups put Landon Donovan next to some untested youngsters in his farewell USMNT matchTue, 07 Oct 2014 10:52:24 +0000USMNT Report: The Next Klinsmann Era Beginshttp://www.soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1938/usmnt-report-the-next-klinsmann-era-beginsCoach Jurgen Klinsmann starts preparation for the next World Cup cycle with young rosterMon, 01 Sep 2014 07:16:03 +0000