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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
  • 4.9 million average, 7.5 million peak audience in Canada for World Cup final. Stanley Cup deciding game was 3.5 million average.
  • @24thminute
Monday, July 14, 2014
  • Can't remember, is it Messi or Pitbull who has to go to Cleveland now?
  • @PhilSchoen
Sunday, July 13, 2014
  • So does no one care about soccer now that the World Cup's over or am I watching a nationally televised MLS game with 67K fans in attendance?
  • @DaveZeitlin
  • Messi is a symbol of strength. Disappointed in the inside, but so composed on the outside. Breathtaking moments from him in the competition.
  • @goralpatel
  • Dempsey scores, Wondo scores, Davis goes on a tear — no #WorldCup hangover for the Americans.
  • @thomasfloyd10
Saturday, July 12, 2014
  • Brazil hoped tournament would show world they were about more than just football and supermodels. They still have their supermodels
  • @rogbennett
Friday, July 11, 2014
  • Taking a stab at putting thoughts together ahead of what will be an emotional third-place match. Think Brazilians will rally behind team.
  • @KurtLarSUN
Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • 2 days to go. 2 games. You know what they are. #WorldCup #Brazil2014
  • @StephenWadeAP
Wednesday, July 09, 2014
  • Jogi Low stroking a white cat in a leather chair. #extra-time
  • @honigstein
  • There's a very real danger here that Ron Vlaar could be the MOM. That's not necessarily a good a thing.
  • @GaryLineker
  • Remember the good old days when stuff used to happen in World Cup semifinals? You know, yesterday?
  • @RyanJayBailey
  • It's kind of neat, actually. FIFA's official position on concussions was conceived by someone in the middle of experiencing one.
  • @runofplay
Tuesday, July 08, 2014
  • This is what happens when a severely over rated team runs into a seriously under rated team. #implosion
  • @Joey7Barton
  • After losing Neymar they said Brazil wasnt a 1-man-team. Guess they were wrong
  • @HarithIskander
Monday, July 07, 2014
  • Impressed by DeAndre Yedlin's maturity in dealing with media scrum questions about his future. He'll be 21 this week. Bright future ahead
  • @RossFletcher1
Sunday, July 06, 2014
  • f AZ can revive Freddy Adu, then there can be no denying that Jesus is on their books in some capacity.
  • @Christian_Araos
  • First Norway, now AZ- Freddy Adu sure taking a roundabout way to the NY Cosmos.
  • @nwb_USMNT
Saturday, July 05, 2014
  • If Van Gaal is a tactical genius for beating Costa Rica on penalties, then Steve Sampson, Bruce Arena, Bob Bradley, and Klinsmann are gods
  • @quraishi
  • 4,000-1 was Costa Rica's odds. Odds are just that, you make your own destiny
  • @1morequietnight
Friday, July 04, 2014
  • Brazil wins, but either watermelon head guy or the giant grasshopper would have made a better referee.
  • @MLSmuppet
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