Attacking Scorpions Must Avoid Seeing Red

San Antonio finally got its 1st point of the season last week but again another straight red card saw their result fall away from them when it could have been better
by Chris Hockman   |   Friday, September 13, 2013

Defending The Fort - column on San Antonio Scorpions (SASFC) & the San Antonio soccer scene.

San Antonio have been an entertaining side for Alen Marcina's 1st 2 matches as they have become an intensely attack-focused side under the interim manager.

But one worrying trend has continued as the Scorpions have now gone 4 straight matches finishing their match with 10 men.

Under former manager Tim Hankinson they were certainly an aggressive team, as after every match there weren't many yellow cards, he would express disappointment about the lack of passion or commitment from the club.

It was a view that long stumped those that speak to him as he would be pleased with even the silliest yellow card because of some reason dedication to the game.

But having seen the Scorpions consistently be reduced to 10 men when they're already sitting on last place this is a serious problem.

Of course the Scorpions did well against New York and Minnesota despite being down a man. In fact, they seemed to play better with 10 men in New York City, a loss that ultimately cost Hankinson his job.

The big issue for San Antonio is that along with being reduced to 10 men for the rest of the match, they lose that player for the following week as well. For a team with their captain suspended for 6 matches, this is severely pushing the limits of their depth.

The NASL does not have the players or money to support a squad losing so many crucial players on such a regular basis.

Referees will also be affected by this, reputations precede teams, and if the Scorpions keep making a habit of red cards that will likely influence thinking that they are a dirty team, influencing their decision making.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for San Antonio is the fact that it so frequently is a crucial member of the team that is getting suspended.

An important part of the short seasons is being consistent and getting on a run. That's the difference between the Scorpions and their opponents this week, Atlanta – consistency.

It's hard to string together results when you're forcing your manager to change the starting XI every single week, with new combinations in midfield and defense having to work on communication and link-up play every single week in training for new combinations. Communication is hard to generate in one week, something the Scorpions have been struggling with all season.

It's especially frustrating as the Scorpions have the talent to lift at least off the bottom. They're a better team than last place, but they keep missing crucial players.

Prediction:  Atlanta has been impressive in the fall, despite having no incentive to win its matches after a stellar spring season. On top of that the Scorpions have been pretty awful in the fall season, but the performances have been improving. 1-1.

Next Up: September 14 -- San Antonio Scorpions vs. Atlanta Silverbacks, Silverbacks Park, Atlanta. 7: 30 p.m. EST,NASL livestream.


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