An Australian in San Antonio

With Australia's Women's National Team coming to San Antonio, SN columnist Chris Hockman himself Australian, reflects on seeing his own team play
by Chris Hockman   |   Friday, October 18, 2013

Defending The Fort - column on San Antonio Scorpions (SASFC) & the San Antonio soccer scene.

It's hard being a football fan in a foreign country. It's especially hard when you're Australian and that foreign country is Australia.

It goes without saying that the timezone difference is pretty awful. Watching the Socceroos or Matildas takes commitment. Thanks to Asia being such a geographically large confederation it's not impossible. Away world cup qualifiers make a nice matinee.

A-League games are in the middle of the night, and having worked with the current champions, the Central Coast Mariners, for five years, that means either four months of sleepless nights or missing matches.

At this point I believe I owe the city of San Antonio an apology, if you were awoken in the middle of the night in March by an Australian screaming "YES" and singing “We are the Champions. That was me. I apologize.

Women's football is especially difficult to follow. The W-League is improving in Australia, and lines up well with the NWSL here, but carries even less respect than the NWSL.

Unlike the women's leagues in the USA though, the W-League is fairly stable. It's connected to the A-League sides, apart from Central Coast and Wellington with an additional team in Canberra and so that stability has helped build an interest the four women's leagues in four years in the USA has failed.

There is a vibrant women's football scene in Australia and I am grateful for those people, including Matildas goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri for keeping me in the loop in Twitter.

And so I was delighted with the announcement that Matildas coach Tom Sermanni had been appointed to the US Women’s National Team job. It's been my long held belief that Sermanni is the best manager in women's football and now he finds himself with the best women's team.

This has led to a boost for the linkages between Australia and the USA, and the upcoming friendly between the two on Oct. 20 will be the third time these two have played in the past two years, and the first under Sermanni.

On top of that the linkages between the W-League in Australia and the various incarnations of women's soccer in America have increased. With the seasons being at two different times of the year, we've seen plenty of players both Australian and American playing in both leagues.

With all that in mind this is my dream match-up, Australia playing the USA in my new home town, not only that but two of the top 10 sides in the world in my new hometown.

The hardest part about all of this is that I will have to attend this as a journalist and as a result have to remain impartial; I will be wearing my USA and Australian flag pin in an effort to show impartiality.

Just don't expect me to not belt out Advance Australia Fair.


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