Cosmos Love Must Cease

The hype and attention of the New York Cosmos must stop for the NASL to grow
by Chris Hockman   |   Saturday, November 09, 2013

NY Cosmos

The NASL Soccer Bowl is this Sunday and the New York Cosmos will be heading in as heavy favorites after a strong half season.

But therein lies the rub: The Cosmos have played only half a season and yet in just 90 more minutes they could declare themselves NASL Champions.

It needs to be said that the Cosmos have done very well. They put together a squad and performed very well in half a season and took advantage of the set up of the league to claim a place in the championship game.

But the league has certainly made things easier for them, letting them avoid a tight, physical and strenuous half-season to come in feeling fit and avoiding the injuries that hindered so many other teams.

The issue isn't that the Cosmos won this half season, since they were the best team by far and deserved to be awarded the trophy. But why should they be allowed to play for the overall championship while the arguably most consistent team of the year, Carolina RailHawks, get absolutely nothing?

That's not to say that Carolina deserves to be in the Soccer Bowl for being the second best team in both seasons but nor does a team that only plays half a year deserve to be champions.

And the Cosmos have dominated the NASL marketing dollars, which is perhaps why there's so little money left for a half decent Soccer Bowl commercial.

While it is true the hype of the Cosmos was an impressive marketing tool at the start of the season, that hype has warn off with the Cosmos crowds dwindling and getting smaller every single match.

The Cosmos crowds are now at the point where the San Antonio Scorpions crowds, which have always been good, are out-ranking the Cosmos despite coming in last place.

In the 2012 season, fans were flooded with messages saying, "Welcome to the Cosmos" but no other team has gotten that sort of treatment.

An impressive news story would be how well the set up of the Indy Eleven is going with thousands of season ticket deposits. Instead the league continues to focus on focusing on a hype from 30 years ago.

It's time for the NASL to grow up and be truly impartial, less it suffer the same fate the original NASL did.


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