Houston’s Cup Aspirations Frozen by SKC

Houston’s season is over in a very frenetic match
by David Ruiz   |   Monday, November 25, 2013

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The Houston Dynamo did not take advantage in the first leg, and that ultimately hurt them, as Sporting KC cruised to a 2-1 win on Saturday night to move on to the MLS Cup.

The Dynamo has too many lessons to learn this year. Certainly Houston manager Dominic Kinnear knows how to face the best teams in playoff instances, but in this occasion the Eastern Conference Championship was decided in the first-leg of the final.

However, the Dynamo scored the first goal in the Sporting Park by Boniek Garcia in the third minute of the match, and it seemed to be an ideal scenario to get the trophy by the Texan team. Following this further, the Dynamo was a victim of his own flaws not only in this match, but also for all over the regular season. The Orange midfield did not succeed retaining and controlling the ball while being up on the scoreboard. Key players such as Giles Barnes and Brad Davis did not have their best tournament performance.

Similarly, Sporting Kansas City tied the game by taking advantage of an accidental defensive misfortune that gave back the motivation to finally get the comeback with an amazing play orchestrated by Benny Feilhaber and culminated by Dominic Dwyer in the 63th minute.

The Dynamo suffered this season of lack of goal conversion, which they also did in the final as Houston missed a great chance to be 2-0 by Cam Weaver in the 30th minute that would put Kansas in big trouble.

However, Houston needs to think ahead and try to find a powerful striker who does not miss too many occasions such as Thierry Henry and Marco Di Vaio. More over, the midfield is crucial to win or lose a match, as seen in the final Oriol Rosell, Paulo Nagamura, and Feilhaber put on the spot the Dynamo midfield in which his players were unable to connect.

Kansas played a very physical match that impacted the Dynamo performance. In contrast, the Kansas City crowd and the team played their part create a problematic scenario for the Dynamo. However, there is no regret for Houston and their fans are getting used to be in final instances. The Orange team philosophy is based on hard work, and by trust in their members, so next season is promising for the entire Orange Republic.

After pointing out the problems with the Houston Dynamo, there is only recognition for the Sporting Kansas City because their game was more consistent and ended up in second place just one point below the New York Red Bulls. Kansas deserves to be the Eastern Champion based on their results and performance. 

David RUIZ

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