Indy Eleven Set to Unveil Latest Roster Move

New NASL franchise set to announce at least one new player this week in Bloomington, Ind.
by Doug Starnes   |   Monday, January 20, 2014

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Indy Eleven are set to announce at least 1 more player signing this week with an event tentatively scheduled for Wednesday in Bloomington, Ind.

The new signing(s) will join goalkeepers Kristian Nicht and Nathan Sprenkel; defenders Baba Omosegbon, Chris Wey, Kyle Hyland, Erick Norales; and forwards Pedro Mendes and Don Smart, who also plays midfielder, on the club’s still developing roster.                 

As of this writing, details have yet to be finalized, but it seems a safe bet that the nascent NASL franchise has chosen Bloomington as the venue for the next round of player announcements as there is likely a strong connection between the as-yet-unknown player(s) and Indiana University, the veritable Big Ten soccer factory.

Kristian Nicht, a German goalkeeper and the club’s first signing, was unveiled at the Rathskellar, a popular German restaurant and biergarten in downtown Indianapolis, and local products Nathan Sprenkel and Baba Omosegbon were introduced to Indy Eleven supporters at the Indiana Historical Society. It just makes sense that the newest signing would be unveiled at a location specific to their career and background.

A more interesting question concerning the new signing(s) is whether or not he/they is a relatively new IU graduate launching his professional career, or a seasoned veteran with professional experience in his legs.

During player trials this summer, Indy head coach Juergen Sommer admitted MLS and NASL pros with ties to Indiana were curious about the new franchise and impressed with the manner in which the club was getting itself off the ground.

With Indy Eleven’s maiden voyage into the NASL just around the corner and a friendly scheduled for Feb. 7 against defending MLS Cup Champions Sporting Kansas City, whoever is announced this week will have a professional CV more akin to those of new teammates Pedro Mendes and Kyle Hyland than those of developmental prospects like Chris Wey and Baba Omosegbon. No disrespect intended to either Wey or Omosegbon, but they are both unknown quantities at the professional level and, with a roster still very much under construction, known quantities are the order of the day.

Regardless, it will be another big week for the club. One year ago last week, Indy Eleven was just a seedling called Indy Pro Soccer. This week the Indy Eleven faithful will learn the identity of at least 1 more player who will don the shirt in the club’s inaugural season. A week after that, Sporting Kansas City.

They grow up so fast!


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