MLS Getting Closer to San Antonio

With FC Dallas coming to town on Saturday, San Antonio fans have a golden opportunity to send a message
by Chris Hockman   |   Friday, February 28, 2014

Defending The Fort - column on San Antonio Scorpions (SASFC) & the San Antonio soccer scene.

MLS expansion has been a hot topic in San Antonio lately. With the league looking to expand to 4 more teams — 2 of those spaces are already taken and at least 5 cities still wanting to get in the conversation — San Antonio seems to have really sped up its moves.

With that in mind FC Dallas comes to San Antonio on Saturday, the first time that the Scorpions will face their northern MLS neighbours and the first time an MLS club comes to Toyota Field. A sponsor with decent investment has put on the match, and said they were confident about MLS bringing a team to San Antonio.

Saturday presents a golden opportunity for fans of soccer in San Antonio to really state their case for an MLS team in this city, more so than other matches that have come before it. And while the #MLSReady movement on Twitter merits some consideration, showing up to this game and promoting San Antonio colors and fandom will have a bigger impact than social media can bring.

No one seriously believes that a crowd of over 50,000 at a Mexico National Team friendly is an indicator of support for an MLS team, but the more than 20,000 for the US Women’s National Team game against Australia may be a more accurate indicator. Getting a full house for a friendly would send a big message that San Antonio is ready for MLS now.

It’s not so much MLS executives that the fans will be looking to impress on Saturday, it’s that last step before MLS can really be in the frame for San Antonio.

Gordon Hartman has been looking to add investors to the Scorpions, not just to help fund Morgan’s Wonderland, but to move the team to MLS he will need deeper pockets. And it’s at this match that Hartman has the best opportunity to show the team off.

A packed house for what is really just a friendly will send a strong message to those prospective investors and say that MLS is what the soccer fans of San Antonio really want. More so than that it’ll show that the investors could make a profit with the team.

Controlling their own stadium is a big attraction for Hartman to bring investors in, and the best way to do that is with a full one.

If San Antonio soccer fans are serious about wanting Major League Soccer in their city, they need to fill Toyota Field, the Scorpions may not be in MLS but a packed stadium in NASL would send a strong message to investors.

NEXT UP: March 1 – Friendly: San Antonio Scorpions vs. FC Dallas, Toyota Field, San Antonio. 8 p.m. EST, TV TBD.


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