Bad Effort, Penalties Pose Problems For RBNY

Defenders from the 2013 Supporters' Shield winners are off to a slow start
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Monday, March 31, 2014

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The season has gotten off to a rocky start for Red Bull New York as many never thought it would be a slow start for the club, but there have been a lot of bad breaks that have gone the wrong way for this club.

Not only has penalties being called against them, but lack luster effort has popped up at times in the first half.

The Red Bulls have been whistled 3 times in the area in their first 4 games inside their own area for either fouling their marker or put their arms in an un-natural position to get tagged for a spot kick against.

At the moment, 2 of the 3 have been charged on Richard Eckersley as he has been guilty for putting the Red Bulls behind. The season opener in Vancouver is where he was tagged first with his arms up and the ball getting him on the cross, even though the replays were not definitive enough to show if he got hit in the left elbow or his left side below it. He still got called and he should’ve known better.

But this time he was beaten by Thomas McNamara to the ball and Eckersley planted his right forearm into the lower back and got the call against him.

So far all 3 penalties that were called on the Red Bulls have been converted into goals for the opposition for a lead or to equalize a game.

But the other thing that has Mike Petke baffled is the slow starts to these games. They were off and running against the Rapids in the home opener, till they started to slow down a bit. But in their second home game the energy was nowhere to be seen at the start of the opening whistle.

“I can’t put my finger on it,” said Mike Petke after the 1-1 draw against Chivas USA. “To say I wasn’t happy in the first half would probably be the understatement of the year.”

As of right now no one knows what’s going on 4 games into the new MLS season, but Petke needs to fix it and fix it quick. While it’s true that there is no sense in panicking right now, many feel that this is not the start a defending Supporters’ Shield Champion should have.

NEXT UP: April 5 – Red Bull New York vs. Montreal Impact, Stade de Olympique, Montreal. 4 p.m. EST, MLS Live and MSG.


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