Americans Showing Great Support in World Cup

Fans of the USMNT are traveling in bunches and making a case for the USA being a soccer nation
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Thursday, June 26, 2014

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The setting was in the town of Natal as the United States was facing their rival, Ghana, a team with a notorious connection to the United States. There was the Bruce Arena era that lasted two cycles and the Bob Bradley era that last a cycle and a half, and Ghana was always there to end the USA’s run in the World Cup.

But in the Jurgen Klinsmann cycle, the magic continues to grow from the first win at the Estadio Azteca to defeating this latest opponent that has been bothering the back sides of every American soccer fan. But while that is all well and good, there is something that gave me goose bumps before, during and after the win against Ghana.

Large amounts of American soccer fans have taken over Natal and also did so in the next match against Portugal in Manaus. On the Copacabana beach, a massive amount of Americans filled up the outdoor watch parties. There were over 25,000 fans packing in the stadium in Natal. And during the national anthem the fans sang while the music was blaring over the speaker system.

Many chants rang through the stadium after Clint Dempsey scored his miracle goal 30 seconds in.

All over this great land of ours watch parties were outdoors in Chicago, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, like it was an illegal thing to do. But not in this day of age, because it’s time for the main street sports media to start understanding something.

While we have truly arrived at this moment several years earlier, these dinosaurs running the editor’s chair at newspapers and the sports talk radio stations will still deny that it’s still a niche sport. They are completely wrong and now is the time to start telling them that if what they saw in Natal won’t change their minds, then it’s time to remind them again why this country is still making these big strides in this glorious change.

To be fair, the NFL will never be taken over in this country because people will always enjoy their Sunday afternoons and nights, and Monday night, too. But when you talk about baseball and basketball, those sports are now overthrown by the world’s game.

This is not a once in every 4 years type of thing, this is every single year we will see support for our National Team and for our local clubs that plays in every league that is sanctioned by US Soccer. Because it’s not going away, no matter how many times these dinosaurs claim that it will.


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