RBNY Acknowledged the MetroStars. Here’s Why It Matters.

Banners unfurled with slogan to rally the sold out crowd
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Monday, September 22, 2014

Branded Bulls – column on Red Bull NY (RBNY – NYRB) & the New Jersey area soccer scene.

It’s easy to talk about a big win on Saturday night at Red Bull Arena as the New York Red Bulls took out the now four time US Open Cup Champion Seattle Sounders.

I could wax poetically about the continued performance of Bradley Wright-Phillips with his third hat trick of the season, and how he is inching closer to Lassiter/Wondolowski territory with the league goal scoring record. Or I could mention a fantastic double save by Luis Robles in the 69th minute.

But instead, I will tell you what has been plaguing this franchise since the switchover in 2006 from those who have been supporting this side from the birth of the league.

When the first 10 clubs became the charter members of Major League Soccer to start the league in 1996, they made sure the team that resided at Giants Stadium would represent 2 states in New York and New Jersey which would be called the MetroStars.

The owner of the MetroStars was German immigrant John Kluge, who became the syndicate king of purchasing famous TV shows on the 3 major networks and selling the shows to those side channels and repeat them ever single season like M*A*S*H, The Nanny and of course Seinfeld.

Naming his team after his company Metro Media that was housed across from the Meadowlands.

After selling his rights to AEG when it was 3 owners (Lamar Hunt for Dallas, Columbus & Kansas City; Robert Kraft for New England & Phil Anschutz for the rest) the name was still there, until the Red Bulls Energy Drink company purchased the club after the 2005 season. And, like their other clubs, Red Bull rebranded them to become a part of their family.

When that happened there was a major shake up from within the fan base. A good portion tried to go along with it, but others left to become fans of the NASL’s New York Cosmos, and now this new team that will play 3 years or more in the Bronx.

But those who remained loyal to this team since the birth in 1996 have seen a Supporters’ Shield championship being crowned last year and the hope is to see this side continue to improve which they have in recent games.

The biggest outcry was that the club has gone corporate and the idea of Metro has died. The truth is simple that this club has always been corporate as Metro Media named the team after themselves and the records of the MetroStars since 1996 have always been kept alive by Red Bull.

Before the opening whistle of this match there was a video made by RBNY coach Mike Petke to encourage the supporters to still believe in the club and a run that has continued to keep a playoff spot.

On all 4 corners of the field, they hung and a slogan that read: “As long as we’re breathing” since 1996. One in blue with the Red Bulls running at each other and the other that made me smile.

The original colors of the MetroStars in Red and Black stripes with a Big Black Triangle at the top with a white star and a yellow trim. That was the signal from me and to the rest of the supporters that Metro is no longer dead in the eyes of the club, Metro has returned and finally being honored by those players who helped kick off the birth from 1996 and the rebirth in the middle of the 2014 season.

Will those who left make a return to this club, I can honestly say they won’t as these older fans will stay with their current sides that play on Long Island and when soccer is restarted in the Bronx, but for someone like me and the many who remember this team as Metro to start the league back in 1996, vindication has come and it feels very good.


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