Will RBNY Be Sold?

How every fan and every so called 'source' gives their take
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Friday, October 03, 2014

Branded Bulls – column on Red Bull NY (RBNY – NYRB) & the New Jersey area soccer scene.

As Red Bull New York are about to finish of the 2014 regular season with 4 games remaining (3 of those next 4 are at Red Bull Arena), the last day or so the rumor mongers have popped up hearing these reports about the Red Bull Energy Drink corporation selling their MLS club as they concentrate on the other free in their native Austria, Brazil and Germany.

But when you read these made up rumors by fans who are frustrated on how the season has gone in 2014 you can understand them trying to sound smart when they talk to people and make up the information as they go along. They claim they have the best source and can’t give their names out because there are no sources.

This season has been mediocre at best, especially when the defense has been poor a little more than half the time. This poor play has come at precious points. Honestly, it has been rough. Even though they were torn apart by the Los Angeles Galaxy at the Stub Hub Center last game, it shouldn’t take away the successful month of September that has brought hope back to all RBNY fans.

But these rumors have been floating around for a while from some at the league office, who claims that Red Bull is not spending the money for these Designated Player spots and might want out as a top club in this league.

Recently Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated has come out with an article that Thierry Henry will not extend into next season because the club has stopped spending. And of course league sources have said Red Bull wants to sell both club and the stadium.

While the information needs to be reported I personally will await the real story of the club being sold to a new group or a wealthy billionaire that wants to get involved with the game in the USA and the New York City Tri-State area. But to be very clear since the Red Bull company has purchased this club and rebranded away from the MetroStars, there has been a negative feeling and there is still that feeling from those who have either left or stayed but refused to let go of their MetroStars jerseys

For me the answer is simple: This is the club I got started when the league was created back in 1996. The good that Red Bull did was bringing over several good players that gave the league a bright spotlight like Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill, Dave van den Bergh and recently Bradley Wright-Phillips and so on. They also built a beautiful stadium made for the game in the United States. If they do sell the club in the future to someone that showed the same commitment, it will be fine with me and I won’t have an issue.


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