NYCFC Have Already Sold 10,000 Seats, More to Come

Having already sold 10,000 season-ticket seats, NYCFC are likely to add considerably to this very impressive foundation of NYC support
by Nick Chavez   |   Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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New York City FC revealed yesterday that it has already sold 10,000 seats for the 2015 debut season in the iconic Yankee Stadium.

This seems to be a remarkable increase in ticket sales since this July, when the club announced that over 3,000 season ticket holder “accounts” have been bought. Of course, it is unclear how many seats were sold per account at that point, but we now finally have an official figure from NYCFC's front office.

Considering how impressed MLS fans and media were by Atlanta’s expansion franchise already receiving 14,000 “deposits” for season tickets in late August, 10,000 seats actually and completely sold for the inaugural season of New York City FC must also be considered quite a successful campaign for the club’s ticket sales and marketing efforts thus far. 

Notably, this figure shouldn’t include partial season ticket plans, since reportedly this option hasn't been offered yet by NYCFC's ticket sales office.

Now, considering that NYCFC still has the majority of its roster yet to fill, including another star Designated Player, and adding 4 Manchester City youth-team players, it would seem likely that New York City FC can still attract more new fans and sell more seats by the time the 2015 season kicks off.

It is also quite likely that the already robust marketing and advertising efforts of the Manchester City and New York Yankees bank-rolled franchise have only begun, and that following the signing of the third Designated Player and the approach of its first-ever match, the City of New York will be immersed in yet another marketing blitzkrieg of all things NYCFC before and during its inaugural season.

10,000 season tickets sold is already approaching a third of the announced 33,444-seat capacity to be made available for NYCFC home games. And even if there isn’t a significant increase in season tickets sold from this already very solid foundation, there’s no doubting that there is a healthy likelihood of positive returns from walk-up, game day tickets sold at the famous Yankee Stadium, which is accessible by subway, in a internationally-cultured city with almost 9 million residents, and nearly 20 million in its metro area. How could there not be an appetite for the world’s game in the planet’s most worldly city?

And with the Third Rail (NYCFC's only officially recognized supporter's club), who just recently reached the milestone of registering over 1,000 paid members themselves, continuing to organize and recruit local support and lovers of the game to the cause, it appears the New York City FC machine is really beginning to pick up steam only 5 months before its long-awaited MLS debut. 


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