The MLS Champion Will Come From the East

It looks like either Red Bull New York or the New England Revolution will win MLS Cup
by Nino Torres   |   Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Major League Soccer (MLS) 2012 Season Preview

The first leg of the MLS Conference finals it’s over. The Sounders couldn’t score because Jaime Penedo had a monster afternoon at the Stub Hub stadium and   now The Galaxy will travel to Seattle with a less than marginal lead. New England played a perfect visitor game at Red Bull Arena: scored early, held on to the New York multiple offensive attempts and killed them with a late goal winner. The Revs not only defeated Henry and company for the first time this year, they seriously crafted their championship label.

All the hype that surrounded the clash Between the Galaxy and the Sounders came up short. The two giants of the west didn’t collide, they met to discuss their sales commissions. They fought for what they think is fair accordingly to what they achieved not for what they are capable of end up doing. With this scenario, the outcome always leaves you wanting more. They were focused more on minimize mistakes than taking risks.

After they ran over The Columbus Crew, New England earned the right to be the favorite in the Eastern Conference finals against the Red Bulls, and didn’t disappoint it.  No other team in the League plays better without the ball.  The pressure they put is excruciating because starts with their forwards, they bully their rivals till they cry and… turn the ball over.

It is true that New York created more chances, but they couldn’t capitalize them. The Revs, once again, on the road outscored the home team. It might not be a significate advantage, but it gives them that room to play the Red Bulls don’t have especially without Bradley Wright –Phillips (Suspended for Yellow card accumulation) 

Lee Nguyen might be the team’s leading scorer (and MVP candidate), however during the playoffs the offensive power diversified. The nine goals they scored came from six other players: Charlie Davies, Chris Tierney, Teal Bunbury, Jermaine Jones and José Goncalves. It doesn’t matter if you close the door, they will find a window somewhere. And that’s patience comes to place.

In their last game, New York threw at them an attacking avalanche and the Revs never lost their composure. They knew their rival at one point and time would leave the space they needed for a counter, so they waited patiently. The moment came with almost no time on the clock for the Red Bulls to recover.

There still 90 minutes to play at Gillette Stadium where the Revs haven’t lost since June (against New York). Thierry Henry will play on turf, and the Red Bulls will go full throttle, but without Bradley Wright-Phillips their chances are limited. The Revs will prevail.

Whoever is coming from the West would have to play a perfect game to beat their East counterpart.


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