Pros and Cons of Steven Gerrard to the LA Galaxy

Gerrard could be a blessing and a curse for the Galaxy
by Jamie Pham   |   Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Major League Soccer (MLS) 2012 Season Preview

Last month, the LA Galaxy announced Steven Gerrard as their third Designated Player after signing the longtime Liverpool player to a 18 month contract worth $9 million. The 34 year old will join the Galaxy in July after the end of the current Premier League season.

There has been a lot of speculation over this deal so here are the pros and cons.




- Steven Gerrard will no doubt be a highly marketable player. He won't be as profitable as David Beckham but he will definitely help fill seats at Stub Hub Center. LA was third in average attendance and had a 4% drop to 21,258 from 2013. Along with tickets, Gerrard can help generate other revenue such as merchandise and advertising.


- MLS and the LA Galaxy can still attract high profile players. Rumor was that Liverpool offered Gerrard the same salary but he still chose LA over his longtime club. This is good for the league moving forward because two former England captains and the current Irish captain has played for the Galaxy. Gerrard was so familiar the team and league that all of the negotiations were done over the phone. Galaxy manager Bruce Arena and president Chris Klein never onced travelled to Liverpool to meet with their new signing.


- Gerrard is still a threat on free kicks. He has proven that even at his age, he can still dish out passes and set pieces that will help his team. In 26 appearances for Liverpool this year, he's had 9 goals (4 of the, penalty goals), 1 assist, and 1.8 key passes a game.




- When Gerrard arrives in July, he would have played two Premier League seasons and also the World Cup back to back without any breaks. He will also be 35 years old so there isn't any way to see how much he will be able to play though his work ethic, perseverance, and leadership has been flawless throughout his legendary career.


- Since he's coming halfway through the season, Arena will have to adjust his lineup to make room for Gerrard and there isn't any guarantee that it will click right away. With Marcelo Sarvas gone, it breaks up one of the best pairing in MLS when he was playing alongside Juninho.


- Fitting Gerrard in the midfield is another problem. Gerrard has the vision and ability to play the number 10 role but he is not the same box-to-box midfielder he used to  be so tracking back on defense will be his biggest problem. Arena could play him in the holding midfielder position like he has been playing for Liverpool the last couple years but then he would need to find a creative midfielder. This will also push Juninho out of position to the flanks.


- “I’m not concerned about how he’s going to fit in with our team,” Arena said. “We have a club now with a proven history of success. All those things go hand in hand in making LA Galaxy a very attractive team for players such as Steven Gerrard.”


- On top of that, he will have to get used to the grueling travel schedule and playing on turf. Lucky for him, the Galaxy will only have to travel to the east only once when they face Sporting Kansas City for the final game of the season.

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