The Disappointment Of Jeffrey Webb’s Involvement In FIFA Corruption

Why all of Webb’s positives don’t matter anymore
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Monday, June 01, 2015

One of the most chic hotels in all of Zurich, Switzerland — as the FIFA Congress was about to assemble — was raided by the Swiss government police as 7 Executive Committee members were arrested. FIFA Vice President & President of CONCACAF Jeffrey Webb was one of them.

Before Webb took over as the head of the Confederation of North, Central America & the Caribbean, the governing body was led by Jack Warner, who always found ways to get himself into trouble, but somehow got out of it along with his two sons helping him take the hard earned money that was brought in with the many Gold Cups being played the majority inside the United States.

When the moment came that Warner tried to help bribe the Caribbean Islands voting for Mohammed Bin Hammam, who was the Asian Football Confederation president attempting to unset Sepp Blatter for the big chair within FIFA, they had to quickly take back all the financial evidence as the Bahamas Football Federation reported the crime to Chuck Blazer, who, at the time, was the general Secretary of CONCACAF back on June 22, 2011.

When Jack Warner was forced out by Sepp Blatter and the CONCACAF ship was rudderless at the time, an election was done and winning it was Cayman Islands member Jeffrey Webb, who became a great leader for the confederation as he powered thru on the Gold Cups, adjusting the CONCACAF Champions League going from four groups of four to eight groups of three to help with travel costs, and the last cycle of World Cup Qualifying and having four sides representing the Confederation in Brazil as Costa Rica went the furthest into the qarterfinals.

But since the news that Webb was arrested before the big election to attempt to either keep Blatter or elect Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein as FIFA President, I have been very disappointed in this man who was suppose to be the breath of fresh air that has replaced Jack Warner in one of the six regions of FIFA. Hearing the reports from the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch that the majority of the corruption happened on US soil, it looks like Webb was the one helping fund all this corruption inside the Miami office.

Once again it is another sad day within the confederation of CONCACAF where we are suppose to trust certain men to run these official games from the Champions League to the Gold Cup and of course the past draw of the first two rounds of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia to the Qualifiers themselves are looking more and more like a sham.

So many claim that the beautiful game belongs to the people, they claim this beautiful game we all love so much is for the people and that’s it. Sadly the people can’t claim this beautiful game anymore, because it has been taken away from them due to the greed and the dishonesty of those from within CONCACAF and within FIFA as it looks like it’s belonging to Sepp Blatter.


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