The Brilliance Of The New Round of 16 US Open Cup Draw

Why we need live streaming of every draw in the US Open Cup
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Friday, June 26, 2015

US Soccer Federation (USSF)

The US Open Cup’s 4th Round is Basically All The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup has developed some amazing games in past seasons that no one would ever thought would happen.

This season hasn’t disappointed either as we have seen several matches that would’ve ended in regulation advance to extra time, or if it didn’t end in extra time the match would have ended in penalties. The need and the care of this tournament have finally been improving and we are seeing for the last several seasons improvement from US Soccer.

They have done a great job in promoting of this tournament, making it more interesting by creating a true page on their website discussing the tournament, having links available for You Tube Streams of the matches, setting up their own twitter handle (Which I have been following since it got started), and now they are seeing the popularity getting better from the supporters of the club teams.

But another improvement I saw was the broadcast of the 5th round draw of the 2015 US Open Cup. It was done brilliantly. You saw the US Open Cup Commissioner Paul Marstaller along with Duncan Riddle Executive Director of the US Adult Soccer Association were there to handle the draw. From the live stream and now the archived video on You Tube, this draw was handled brilliantly and finally seeing any form of a broadcast of a US Open Cup draw is a sight for sore eyes as we have never had anything like this at all.

Every year we await the results of the draw that was done at Soccer House in Chicago with no fan fare and quietly waited with baited breath for the results on the website of US Soccer. This production is just what was needed for this tournament. I’m very happy that this has happened.

Former New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe was not pleased that the draw wasn’t broadcasted back in 2012 after a 3rd round win on the road at the USL’s Charleston Battery as the club headed back on the road in the 4th round at the Harrisburg City Islanders also of the USL.

Honestly that has been my frustration as well because so many times in England or in any federation handling the draw of their big national championship, the draws in every round are broadcasted to their respected nation and with the technology streaming it on the internet many around the world can watch it. I understand our country is very big and spread out, which is why I do agree that a full blind draw would not work at all, but regional draws which I do agree with, has been successful and exciting to watch.

I hope to see in the 2016 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup every single draw from round 1 thru round 4 and what we have seen in the brand new draw from the round of 16 thru the Semi-Finals gets broadcasted from now on. It could be at Soccer House, it could be at Toyota Field in Bridgeview, I hope it could get done at Red Bull Arena as the back drop inside the V.I.P. area looking out to the field would be fantastic.

But as of right now US Soccer has matched the promotion of the US Open Cup with the huge support of the fans of all clubs from the professional leagues to the amateur leagues of all divisions, because this cup competition is very important and needs all the support it can get and right now it’s looking stronger and better than before.


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