Red Bulls Stamp NYC as a Red Town

It was a clean sweep of the first Hudson River Rivalry
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Thursday, August 13, 2015

Branded Bulls – column on Red Bull NY (RBNY – NYRB) & the New Jersey area soccer scene.

We all know that the Red Bulls won this series when they played NYCFC at Yankee Stadium on June 28th, but as we all know in all rivalries or darby’s that it means a lot more when you can either steal a game or show why you own your opponents. This time around you saw the reinforcements from Jason Kreis’s side as David Villa wasn’t alone in the European end as former Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo & former Chelsea legend Frank Lampard joined in getting their first taste of the rivalry.

But on the Red Bulls side it was the same starting eleven that has faced them along with their own backups in former England National Team player and a former Manchester City Legend in Shaun Wright-Phillips who came off the bench and the new signing of Gonzalo Veron who saw his first MLS minutes.

Yes the bantering went back and forth once again as both supporters were chanting, singing, yelling & swearing like a drunken stock broker who just can’t keep his yap shut. But while NYCFC had a solid first fifthteen minutes in both halves, it was never going to be their night let alone never be their series as the Red Bulls continue with their press tactics and continued to show why they are the best in the NYC Tri-State area.

Bradley Wright-Phillips opened the scoring again for the Red Bulls as he converted his fourth in these three games & a late dagger by Felipe who converted at the far post and brought the house down. But what I saw in between the goals & in between the start and the finish of the match was two players in Pirlo & Lampard that played their worst performance since they came over to the league.

When did you ever see Pirlo making poor passes and coughing up the ball so easily when he played in Serie A in Italy, when did you ever see Lampard take terrible shots and miss the net by a big margin? You have never seen these great players for their clubs in Europe or their respective National Teams make these types of mistakes at all & when Dax McCarty made a clean tackle on Pirlo, you saw no respect at all as the captain of the red team looked at his marker and shrugged his shoulders at him.

While these three games have been exciting and fun as well as seeing the team that has been around for 20 years show their history every single home match, the truth is the future is very bright for these two sides to go at it with each other and the games are very entertaining. I know that one day the blue side will win a match and will rack up the points as well, but right now New York City is Red and no matter what the other side says the truth is glowing.


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