Building a Pyramid

An American soccer pyramid in line with the rest of the world is inevitable, but it’s going to take a lot of work
by Michael Quigg   |   Friday, August 17, 2012

The Poetic Game by Michael E. Quigg - combining soccer and poetry

Great or small, every pyramid starts first with a cornerstone

Raised and grown by the toil of its builders and architects

Only the best may rise above, relying on strength from below

Without which it would crumble to the ground


This is no easy task, to build something great from something small

Heavy is the toll on bodies and souls, some have given-



Gargantuan though the task may be, it can and will be done

Avarice needs not apply- it does not belong here

My hands are not afraid of hard work

Every stone must be quarried.

Michael QUIGG

Club Domestic:
Mass United FC
Club Foreign:
Oxford United
A lifelong Bostonian, Michael travels in the worlds of both sport and art. He is the Director of PR & Media for Mass United FC, co-host of The SpeakEasy Cafe on BlogTalkRadio and a volunteer and open mic regular for Boston Poetry Slam. He’s a busy boy.