US Can't Rebound Against Costa Rica

Americans can't find anything worthwhile against the Ticos in recent match
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Wednesday, October 14, 2015

US Soccer Federation (USSF)
If you were looking for the rebound game after that big loss in extra time to Mexico to advance to the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia, well sadly that rebound never came. This was a tough match to see as the United States Men's National Team had a difficult time trying to piece together any form of passing at all. Anything offensively was thrown out the window as the players couldn't do a thing attacking the net and when they were playing defense, most of the time they were bailed out by the poor shooting from Costa Rica till Joel Campbell in the 70th minute broke the deadlock and gave Costa Rica a big road win at Red Bull Arena. 
One of the issues was communication. There was too much arguing between the players in the first half and most of it came from the backline. Right fullback Brad Evans and Center back Geoff Cameron were arguing with each other after a bad pass and then Evans had an issue with Jermaine Jones after a throw in that lead to Jones fouling his marker and earning a yellow card. Jones was not happy with the decision and at the same time looked at Evans with disgust.
The attack was never there and when they tried to buildup the play from the backline, the balls were easily dispossessed or poor passes were created that either gave Costa Rica a chance to counter or lost balls over the touchlines to allow the Ticos the get easy possession and throw the ball back into play. When the second half came around Klinsmann made the necessary changes to get fresh young legs into the match and it did work well. 
Passing was a bit better and fluidity looked to get stronger, but once again the disconnect during the attack wasthere. That was a major issue for the players as they just couldn't muster any form of an offensive chance and even if they did take a shot on frame sadly the chances were never dangerous enough to threaten Keylor Navas in net. 
Obviously playing over 120 minutes in Pasadena against Mexico to have the right to play in the 2017 Confederations Cup had taken a toll on the players, but sadly this is another loss that has been added to the pile of losses and a not successful Gold Cup campaign that is now threatening their trip to the Hexagonal as World Cup Qualifying is just a single month away and it will start in St. Louis.
"Obviously that Saturday night clash with Mexico was heavy in the air, we weren't able to shake this off within two days." Said Jurgen Klinsmann, "You could see throughout the game we couldn't create enough chances, we weren't a real threat for Costa Rica. We have to go through that, it's part of life & it's part of your job. We've had a lot of sunshine in 2012, 2013 & 2014, now it’s raining and you have to go through that a bit, maybe thru some mud as well. So we will do that & that is my message to the players. If we have to go through that wecertainly will."

US Soccer Federation (USSF)

The interesting thing about tonight's game was before it started in the seats at Red Bull Arena. Former MetroStars Keeper Tim Howard and former Red Bulls defender Tim Ream & attacker Jozy Altidore got loud cheers from the home crowd, but when Jurgen Klinsmann's name was introduced there was a bunch of boosthat were loud and clear. The Soccer Nation was not happy with Jurgen's current run and they want change or at least something fixed right away. 
Well once again World Cup Qualifying has come to the USA very quickly as the first opponent will be St. Vincent/Grenadines at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri and once that opening whistle is blown we shall see if this team can finally shake this trend as early as possible.


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