Power of Crowdsourcing for San Antonio

This week, the Crocketteers made a commercial for the Scorpions using all-fan labor and talent. Will this work?
by Chris Hockman   |   Saturday, March 16, 2013

Defending The Fort - column on San Antonio Scorpions (SASFC) & the San Antonio soccer scene.

Last Thursday I had the honor of helping the Crocketteers make a commercial for the San Antonio Scorpions serving as a commentator. The ad was made using all fans, with a special guest appearance from Hans Denissen, striker for the club.

In truth, Scorpions fans aren't the first to do this. We've seen many around the world making these commercials, but it was an advert from FC Edmonton that prompted the Crocketteers to think about making their own.

“We wanted to make something better than Edmonton and to get more of our base to get their tickets,” Crocketteers President James Hope said.

It's a very savvy answer from Hope that demonstrates who crowdsource marketing actually targets – the base, people who have already expressed an interest.

Crowdsourced marketing is essentially preaching to the converted. Unless you're going to pay money to put an advert on TV (which you probably wouldn't) the people who are going to see it are those who already have a vested interest in your product.

That doesn't sound like much but it is a lot. While these people may have a vested interest in your product, they may have not bought in to it completely. Crowdsourcing says to those who are not fully invested: "Look, these people are so enthusiastic about us and you could be one of them."

While it's too early to see the effects in terms of ticket purchases, which may well be small, it's clear to see this generated a lot of excitement.

For NASL fans, this time of year can be difficult. MLS has started but your team is only in preseason. And even worse, if you're a New York Cosmos fan, you have to wait until after July. Scorpions fans have yet to see a friendly, too.

Generating hype is a vital part of marketing and media in 2013 – it's why teams have Twitter and Facebook accounts, and opportunities like crowdsourcing are an easy way to generate hype.

The video has gotten people talking, and there’s no doubt FC Edmonton fans will want to react to Hope's claims that San Antonio did a better job. It could even inspire other NASL teams make similar videos. 

A video like this also gets others talking about your club that typically wouldn't mention the NASL. I mentioned last week that there are fans in San Antonio who are what has been termed "MLS or bust" as in, they won't support the Scorpions purely because they're second division. Even these people have mentioned the Scorpions after seeing this commercial.

People from all different areas have spoken about the commercial. Even football fans in Australia have seen and shared it, while MLS Reserves mentioned it on their daily wrap up.

So while the crowdsourced commercial didn’t generate sales directly, it will generate hype and that is a vital element of sales. There are plenty talking about the commercial but that hype needs to be used well. They need to keep generating talk about the club so that this effort can be capitalized upon.

I'm sure the Crocketteers will do similar work for the Scorpions, and hopefully the Scorpions will take advantage of that to see the Crocketteers efforts not wasted.


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