Carlos Slim to Buy the Entire Chivas Brand?

A report from Mexico says that Vergara wants to sell
by Omar Avalos   |   Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Diario Récord, a Mexico City newspaper, reports that a source close to the negotiation says that Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire and reportedly the world’s wealthiest man, is in negotiations to buy the entire Chivas brand, which includes soccer clubs Club Deportivo Guadalajara, Club Deportivo Chivas USA, television rights and the Estadio Chivas-Omnilife in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Vergara was quoted a few months ago as saying that his entire Chivas properties are valued at half a billion dollars. But Récord states that the entire package is now valued at $700 million. Vergara wants $300 million for Chivas de Guadalajara, $200 million for TV rights and $200 million for Chivas USA.

Slim has recently ventured into buying soccer clubs and shares in ownership groups. He recently bought a significant amount of shares in Mexico’s Grupo Pachuca, which owns clubs Pachuca and León of the Liga MX. He also bought Spain’s Real Oviedo, which is clunking along in a lower division there.

The Mexican billionaire also owns Mexico’s dominant telephone company, Telmex, and its leading cellular network, América Móvil. He also has a presence in the United States through his brands Telcel America, TracFone and other prepaid calling services.

It’s been stated that Slim wants to bring soccer to his online tv network, called Ora TV. He currently doesn’t have much of an offering there beyond a talk show with Larry King and the shows “Recessionista,” “Daily Rehash” and “News Breaker.”

Slim has plenty of capital to buy New York’s MLS franchise expected to land in Queens. If this sale goes through, will he break the Chivas USA brand and relocate the franchise to Queens? He may opt to buy only Chivas USA, move the franchise to Queens and pay the $100 million franchise fee that MLS wants.

If this were to happen, then the MLS’ 20th team could go to another city in the running like Orlando.

This opens up many possibilities and interpretations, but talks are definitely happening in Mexico concerning the sale of the Chivas properties to Slim’s group.


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