Indy Pro Soccer Goes to 11

Indy Eleven unveils crest and colors along with controversial name
by Doug Starnes   |   Friday, April 26, 2013

Indy Eleven

It didn’t exactly go off without a hitch today, but the NASL’s newest team is now officially known as Indy Eleven.

Before club President Peter Wilt could announce the team’s new moniker during today’s 2:30 p.m. ceremony, which took place on the north steps of Indianapolis’s iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument, high winds did the job for him, unveiling the club’s logo and name to the assembled crowd of more than 300.

Perhaps the accidental unveiling is fitting given the stormy reaction the new name has elicited from Indianapolis’s heretofore under-spoken soccer peanut gallery.

Popular reactions on Twitter ranged from “Huh?” to “I don’t get it” to “That sounds like a group of criminals on trial for something awful.”

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but Indy Eleven is nothing if not unique. Additionally, according to Indy Eleven’s official press release, the name is in reference to “…the eleven men who will take to the field representing Indiana starting in the 2014 NASL season, expressing the team’s goal of teamwork and collaboration among its eleven players.”

The name also ties the soccer franchise to “Indiana’s famed 11th Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War, enlisted in Indianapolis on April 25, 1861,” and the new club crest pays homage to the Brickyard Battalion, the statue of Lady Victory that sits atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and Indianapolis’s civic flag.

As I predicted in Wednesday’s article, the team’s name was clearly selected to be both soccer specific and to honor Indianapolis’ unique heritage and identity without pandering to the naming conventions of European clubs. It certainly accomplishes that, but whether or not it becomes a popular selection remains to be seen. The dissatisfied are always the most vocal following announcements like this.

Among the name’s supporters, the prevailing sentiment seems to be ambivalent excitement, if there is such a thing.

Perhaps the Brickyard Battalion summed it up best on their Twitter feed in response to a question asking whether or not they liked the new name:


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Club Domestic:
Indy Eleven
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