New York Blanked at BMO Field

Pathetic performance against terrible Toronto gives Red Bulls a point
by Daniel Feuerstein   |   Monday, July 22, 2013

Branded Bulls – column on Red Bull NY (RBNY – NYRB) & the New Jersey area soccer scene.

The New York Red Bulls headed back to Red Bull Arena last week and put on a dominating performance against the Montreal Impact. The club looked like world beaters.

But then a trip to face Toronto FC, which is near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, didn't end up so well as the Red Bulls found a 0-0 draw.

It should be an easy task to take on a side that is once again sending away players on the current roster and bringing in new ones.

What should’ve been a win, adding another consecutive 3 points in the process, led to a horrendous late afternoon at BMO Field as the Red Bulls allowed TFC to run amuck.

New York should be thankful to leave with only a point to add to their total. In fact it shouldn’t have come to this for a side that is head and shoulders the quality that TFC was lacking.

But what was supposed to be goals in the 1st half were wiped out for offside calls. Both sides that made great crosses to their targets were sadly either a half yard off or a full 3 yards off.

But the man who had most of the work in goal for the Red Bulls was goalkeeper Luis Robles, as he looked spectacular in net and made some fine saves and tracked the ball well.

The best save of the match for Robles came in the 73rd minute when Richard Eckersley attacked the Red Bulls net. When he got inside the area, his chance was deflected of off Markus Holgersson’s right knee and forced a reaction save as Robles went to his right and quickly whipped out the left hand and pawed the ball over the crossbar.

But sadly when the Red Bulls had the ball, they couldn’t hold possession or complete 2 passes, let alone a single pass, and whatever attacking runs they tried to create just weren't there. It was pitiful, toothless and just a complete disgrace after a fantastic effort against the Montreal Impact at Red Bull Arena.

At halftime, RBNY manager Mike Petke was interviewed by Madison Square Garden Network’s Tina Cervasio and he didn’t mince words as he described the 1st half.

“I want to see a freakin effort to be honest,” he said. “I’m not happy right now at all, it’s pathetic to me, I don’t understand why we came up to Toronto and went through Customs. We should’ve stayed home.”

A very accurate description of how this match ended. And even though there was some hope when young players like Marius Obekop and Michael Bustamante were subbed in, it was towards the final 22 minutes and proved worthless.

While the club never lost the match, it actually felt like a loss with no passing, no possession and somehow losing the ability to attack.

To be fair, the first 15 minutes were fantastic to watch. New York had attempts and so did Toronto FC, but then the game fell apart.

Petke should hold his players accountable going from dominators at home to scared chickens on the road. This was a lesser side and the Red Bulls should’ve walked into BMO Field, stuck their chests out and dominated this match from start to finish.

But it never happened, and that is surely troubling.

NEXT UP: July 27 – Red Bull New York vs. Real Salt Lake, Red Bull Arena, Harrison, N.J. 7 p.m. EST, MLS Live.


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