Sonnet for the Champions League

A Tribute to the Greatest Competition on Earth
by Michael Quigg   |   Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Poetic Game by Michael E. Quigg - combining soccer and poetry

True artists covet the brightest spotlight

But some ignite only for the elite

Reserving the harshest glow for defeat

And Sun's embrace for victorious night

A trial made to test mettle in plight

Talent and might not enough to compete

For this feat there simply is no retreat

There is only the clash, only the fight

These are not games cherubic children play

This is realm of fortified bastion

The frail of heart need not enter this fray

Ignore not these words, they are not cliché

There can be only one true Champion

The greatest of contests is underway

Michael QUIGG

Club Domestic:
Mass United FC
Club Foreign:
Oxford United
A lifelong Bostonian, Michael travels in the worlds of both sport and art. He is the Director of PR & Media for Mass United FC, co-host of The SpeakEasy Cafe on BlogTalkRadio and a volunteer and open mic regular for Boston Poetry Slam. He’s a busy boy.