A Champion’s Time

Now that the dead weight has been sloughed off, it’s time for a true champion to be crowned
by Michael Quigg   |   Friday, December 21, 2012

The Poetic Game by Michael E. Quigg - combining soccer and poetry

The time of wee minnow "champions" has ended

Their opportunity one of pure delusion

I can now free my rational belief suspended


Brush away this financially fabricated illusion

And proceed to the true heart of this clash

To revel in inevitable champion-worthy conclusion


Michael QUIGG

Club Domestic:
Mass United FC
Club Foreign:
Oxford United
A lifelong Bostonian, Michael travels in the worlds of both sport and art. He is the Director of PR & Media for Mass United FC, co-host of The SpeakEasy Cafe on BlogTalkRadio and a volunteer and open mic regular for Boston Poetry Slam. He’s a busy boy.